A Reliable and Expert HVAC Contractor

Here, at Mike Bergen Heating and Cooling, we understand that your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments that you have made and that’s why when it comes to repairing your units, we always pay strict attention to detail. The last thing that we want is for your HVAC equipment to break down when the temperatures are too hot or too cold. As a professional HVAC contractor in Springfield, IL, we will ensure that you have an efficient system that will get you ready for the hot or cold season.

Reliable Technicians

Our team of professional technicians is always ready to repair your HVAC units. We are a professional cooling and heating repair company that’s dedicated to finishing the job on time without sacrificing the quality of the results. We will come to your property equipped with the needed tools and equipment for the repair job. We don’t want to tarnish our reputation as one of the best HVAC repair companies in the area and that’s why we will ensure that the problem is fixed completely during the first visit. Our aim is to meet and even exceed your expectations.

High-Quality Repair Equipment and Tools

We will come to your home equipped with the needed tools and equipment. We only use industry standard equipment so that we can avoid delays due to equipment failure. We also use high-quality tools to ensure that the problem is fixed and your unit is working efficiently after. We also use special cleaning tools so that we can also clean your equipment after repairing it. Once we are done repairing the issues that your HVAC equipment is experiencing, we will also check the other components to make sure that you will not experience any other problems in the future.

Mike Bergen Heating and Cooling is the HVAC installer and repair company that you can trust in Springfield, IL. Call us now at (217) 210-0042. Our dispatchers are always ready to send a team of HVAC experts to your property.

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